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Global Citizenship Passport

Become a 'Non-State' Global Citizen

Upgrade your legal status as a natural human-being no matter which country you live in by becoming a non-state global or universal world citizen. As human beings our birth-right to live, travel, work and remain on this planet are not necessarily the subject matter of our nation-state, the inalienable right to life is present in all living things.

Facilitate border crossings, protect your identity, and qualify for special international programs by funding and participating in active international volunteer projects and supporting the overseas efforts of your favorite organizations.

Hundreds of organizations have been biding for freedom from political, state and religious governance to favor universal equity and ecological integrity; in 2015 the people get their wish, the "world we want." Your proper individual registration in the global ecosystem will provide you with special lifetime benefits provided through our pilot program with the United Nations and hundreds of states and jurisdictions that are participating in the Global Post-2015 Agenda for a Sustainable World.

Right now you can increase your (inter)net worth as a human being and place yourself in demand as a potential resident of a new country or as a dual-national with global citizenship, you can enjoy special tax benefits too!

Many of us have many special international and supra-constitutional human rights that protect us as travellers and visitors in other countries, the Knight's Templar realized this unwritten law for us. We also know we have many special rights and privileges depending upon who we are and what we are doing while travelling. Learn more!

Assert your individual natural human rights to sovereign freedom!

We are bringing the best selected technologies, international laws, best practices, and policies as determined by the United Nations, the Internet, and many other successful Indiegogo projects together in a fusion to create a highly desirable product not available elsewhere.

Global Citizenship Registry

The only internationally authorized cooperative, non-profit, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, nonreligious, noncapitalist, nonmilitary, multinational, multicultural, international sovereign citizenship corps in the world made up of natural persons is our Global Citizenship Registry in Sweden. Under an exclusive treaty in development under international law with the United Nations, the Global Citizenship Commission, the Clinton Foundation, and other international non-governmental organizations we created a need for our manifestation because they were unable to do (the way we want) it themselves under law. Now in October 2015, Globcal International has authorized the operational commencement of an identification register of natural individual persons as global citizens based on their voluntary application and qualification.

The register is a single indie action to bring together all the advocates and protagonists of the global citizen ideal in an equal playing field with the governments and the nations; it is an experimental pilot project established as an open-source cooperative of honorable, notable, and good people dedicated to protecting, developing, and fostering human and environmental rights for everyone. For the premier level project selected organizations, celebrities, parliamentarians are all herein invited to participate equally without reducing their social status.

Cooperative of Global Citizens

The cooperative is a multi-level international public benefit project focused on sustainable human civilization, social responsibility, the balanced ecosystem, and global citizen education. Qualified registrants enjoy a great number eligibility benefits, privileges, and conveniences; including tax and customs exemptions under international law and discounts in over 1000 cities around the world through personal identification and credential transcription acknowledgement programs.

We encourage independent sovereign or sub-dependent (aboriginal, indigenous, Amerindian and Native American) communities to participate by registering in the Global Citizenship Registry and to register their community as an independent civil body through the United Nations.

Generally anyone who meets any one of several specific recognized qualification requirements can apply. For example most expatriates, anyone living abroad, anyone who has visited two countries or more, anyone who speaks more than one language, anyone involved in funding global social media relief campaigns in third-world countries, anyone who has parents of two nationalities, and anyone living on protected world heritage, indigenous, or tribal cultural lands within other countries. Others may also qualify as well!

Many celebrities have already been pre-qualified through a special verification series project recently begun on Facebook called the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild.

Credentials, Identity Documents and ePassports

Those who apply, qualify, and become global citizens get a printable registry id card, a citizenship registry certificate, a reference to their name listing once in the published gazette for the register, and lifetime acknowledgement as an international registrant; all included in the one-time life registration fee of 13€ (Thirteen Euros) (approximately $15 USD).

Modern day technology and advancement in personal security created through fear, insecurity, crime, and new laws has driven official borders and conservative regions to present new obstacles for even the most seasoned travellers, our credential and program resolves these challenges.

Consumer privileges, guaranteed sources, and open commercial exchange with fellow members, are some of the greatest privileges of cooperative membership and our non-governmental identification documents, but really there are hundreds of distinct exclusive benefits plus our personal international non-governmental identity document (PINGID), the only identification document that you can actually own.

High Quality Fraud Proof Personal Identity Documents

The universal global citizen credential is available based on a personal request as a cooperative member. There are 162 different credential properties that can be incorporated and authorized through the identification companion as an entitlement document. Once online the verified identity file encrypted on an NSA-Proof Server and is created using the e-passport booklet, your PGP Key, and your personal PIN which is updated every time the archive is accessed. Users of the technology can use any of the services interactively online or through their smartphone. Those with up-to-date smartphones with NFC can program their phones to interact with 3 different chips contained in the identification cards and the e-passports to perform over 100 different functions using technology.

Col. Wright the program engineer, says that, "the cooperative is the only business entity that has all the same rights and powers of a nation and as a collective body of individuals they retain sovereign rights through the contemporary natural and common law, international law, admiralty law, and maritime law under the concept of Laissez-Faire Laissez-Passer diplomacy.


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