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Globcal International Network Installation Guide

To install the Globcal International Network, have access to the features and services provided to members you must be a registered user on our Google Enterprise and Applications network. Currently only member owners (ecooperators) who have invested into the organization to become co-founders or those who have become officers or directors can use the network directly and the services subscribed here. There are some exceptions for other staff and volunteers.

Volunteers are important to us too, besides being a cooperative we are also a nonprofit nongovernmental organization that depends on volunteers so we have developed a practical forum where the members can work directly with volunteers and discuss projects in a secure environment. Those who are registered in the forum can access the library resources files and can qualify for resource grants and stipends for work in their communities. 

If you are a member of the public that wants to follow our activities and programs please visit our homepage to engage in any of our social media resources or programs listed there.

Members, officers, volunteers, associates, partners, peers, and others can all participate in projects and program developments through completing a survey based pre-qualification form to participate in our social media network whitelist. To get your name on our open-source whitelist please complete the Globcal International Pre-Qualification and Engagement Form.

Members and volunteers who wish to participate in Globcal's event planning activities, project design or be involved in commissioned work should join our discussion groups on Facebook in our private official business and volunteer planning forum on Globcal.Info (under development).

Full access members that are engaged in the daily business and formal activities of Globcal International are members of a special secure network Enterprise and Applications Suite which we refer to as the Globcal International Network which requires a Globcal.Net email account in the Enterprise.

Globcal International Network Installation (for Chrome)

Globcal International is a cooperative, it is funded and paid for by its own members to provide specialized technological services, membership privileges, and special benefits to its cooperators that cannot be realized outside of the cooperative or an enterprise type of working environment, please use these privileges responsibly and in accordance with the law.

Attention Windows users if you are having issues with your computer or suspect a virus please look into resolving those problems prior to connecting to our network in the interest of protecting our work from hackers and others, we will be glad to assist you and send you portable repair software to clean your registry and turn-off hidden programs.

If possible for dauntless fast operation of your computer reformat your hard-drive with a new installation of your OS. If you need Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Pup, or anything else relative to software please ask we will be glad to share what we can. If you need anti-virus software we will provide you with Norton Corporate Edition for XP, Vista or Windows 7. (We currently have nothing for Windows 8.)

For Windows users: using a freshly formatted or trouble free computer install a fresh copy of Google Chrome or *Chrome Canary. Once Chrome is installed then you can download the accessories like Google Earth, Google Drive and the Google Desktop Apps, follow the steps below before signing into Google Chrome, Facebook or checking your email.

Download Google Chrome - Install a fresh copy of Google Chrome, if you already have Chrome installed and are comfortable please uninstall to get a real fresh copy, if this is too inconvenient for you at this time skip to the next step and get Canary.

Download Chrome Canary - Experimental bleeding edge fully functional version alternative of Chrome, Canary is live, it can be installed in addition to the public release of Google Chrome so you can have both browsers at the same time without interfering with your work or current Chrome browser at this time..

Download Google Drive for your PC this will give you the ability to upload, share and download documents and work developed within our network.

Download Google Desktop Apps Launcher - This will allow you to access your installed Google applications and offline software that works with with Google Chrome.

Next Steps (Signing into the Network)

These next steps are the same for all operating systems!

Open your Google Chrome Browser if you are prompted to import your bookmarks do so now using this bookmarks file. If it is not prompted automatically then 1) download the "bookmarks file" to your computer, 2) open your Google browser "Chrome or Canary" and go to settings in the top right 3) sign into the browser, 4) import the bookmarks file that you saved previously.

You must initially sign into your browser using your Globcal International Network Email. ( to get all the setting and features that are pre-installed.

By signing into Chrome properly many of the settings will be automatically incorporated and you will be working in a specialized more capable and more secure Internet environment. We have some sites blocked for security reasons or because they have been found to host malicious content, if a site that should not be blocked is being blocked please send us an email with a screenshot of your result to and we will review it.

Social Media Checklist

When you have your browser open and the bookmarks imported they should display exactly like this. Now you have access to all the features.

 Google Screen Shot

Feel free now to browse around with the bookmarks, and the pre-installed applications, learn well how to properly import the bookmarks we will be updating them periodically, if you have any trouble please let us know.