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Globcal International Activism

Take Action, Become the Change!

People spend lots of time talking about what they hope to do and often phrase their ideals as things they are going to do; but most never get around to doing it. Often times the mountain is higher than it seems. We know this story well it took us over five years just to reach our first years goals!

There is no reason that anyone should be doing anything that they do not want to do and enjoy in a 'free and open society.' The fact may be that we are not as free as it may seem.

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Globcal International is a non-governmental organization, non-state actor, offshore cooperative enterprise, civil social network, and international charitable foundation that is independently supported, sponsored and endorsed by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. founded 1994 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Globcal International belongs to its membership and those who have equally invested together to manifest its formation as an unincorporated offshore foundation and fraternal cooperative fellowship society of natural persons.

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