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Beginning in 2017 we began to move our developments forward at a rapid pace in a decentralized manner to be best prepared for the challenges we see on the horizon relative to the reformation and revolution of our civilization between 2018-2021. All of the information and content we publish online in these new Semantic WebSites (Creative Works) or web channels is provided as open-source, public domain, Creative Commons and share-alike works for attribution.

Over 150 Independent WebSites Under Development

In 2013 we began a process of reformation behind global development rules and legal restrictions available at the moment until we discovered that most successful start-ups are based on a mix of investing their time and money on a 14 -36 month projected curve of what is to be, technologically and practically based in modern advancement and finding your way through the legal and political regulatory world. This understanding has led us to provide similarly minded developments 'before their time' and others slightly reformed based on the world we want to see and expect or hope to see in the next few years as our civilization advances and becomes more integral.

Now in 2017 we have become part of our own deregulation created by the political climate with very orderly and integral standing in the light of the authoritative and accountable world that we all want to know.

Network WebSites

Globcal International (Public)
Globcal International (Basic)


Col. David J. Wright
Col. Karen Cantrell
Col. Luis Cruz Diaz
Djordje Marinkovic
Deborah Levine
Shamsul Momen
Daniel Dank
Abeer Bilbeisi
Ike M.I. Khamisani
Frank Ludwig
Maria Veneke Ylikomi
Benjamin Musunza
René Wydler
Dmitri Demidenko
Yecenia Parrilla
Dragan Milenkovic
Meena Persad
Michael Sher
James D. Garcia
Andrew Williams Jr.

Programs and Projects

Ekobius International (Public)
Ekobius International (Basic)
Indigenous Planet
International Indigenous Unity Flag
International Observances
Piaroa International
Sovereign America
International Orders
Belize International
Kentucky Colonels International
Pan-American Foundation
Royal Society of St. George, California
RSSGCa Member Website
United Nations Association of the Inland Empire
Global Citizenship Registry
Non-State Actor (NSA Ecosystem)
Cured Coffee
Coca Leaf Tea