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ABCs of Diplomacy

Ambassador Code of Conduct - April 30, 2016

Ambassador Training Curriculum Outline

Breaking the Genuine Link

Christianity and the Cultivation of Global Citizens

Community Sustainability Assessment

Concepts in Peace and Conflict Glossary

Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary

Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education

Dictionary of Diplomacy

Diplomats Handbook

Dissapearing States and Statelessness

Elusive and Exclusive Global Citizen

Ethnic Rights Constitutions LA

Every Day the UN

Farmers Association Training

Fingerprinting Passports

Focal Point Contacts

GLN for Farms

Global Commonwealth of Citizens

Global Mergers and Acquisitions

Glossary for Diplomatic Studies

GPI 2016

Handbook for Civil Society

Human Rights in the 21st Century (a Living State)


Indigenous Peoples and the Gas Industry

Instructional Manual for the Applicant

International and Municipal Law Concerning Passports

International Guidelines on Decentralization

Kiva for Potential Partners


Master Guide to Business with the UN


Nansen Passport

Nature of a Passport

New Global Human Community

Permanent Missions

Prose UVISA Manual

Protocol for Diplomats

Respecting Sovereignty

Rights of Individual Workers

Roster UNV

Security Council Vetting

Sovereign Forms

Stateless Guidelines Draft

Theory into Practice Global Citizenship

UN Correspondence Manual

UN Delegate Glossary

UN Supplier Code of Conduct

Understanding Climate Diplomacy

UNGM Supplier Registration Quick Guide

Universal Declaration of Human Rights LD

UNSC Membership

Valorian Society

Volunteering and the Law

Welcoming America Toolkit

World Passport Brochure