Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Globcal International FAQ

Globcal International FAQ

The Globcal International FAQPage is a WebPage presenting our most "Frequently asked questions"about our organization (see also the Globcal International QAPage), which answers questions of general interest that are often posed to us.

What is Globcal International?

Globcal International is a de facto eleemosynary organization that is developed as a cooperative international non-governmental organization (CiNGO) and is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of goodwill ambassadors, cause advocates, civil service officers, global citizens and diplomatic professionals from around the world. Our organization is registered with the United Nations as an international civil society organization (iCSO).

How does Globcal International work?

Globcal International works with its individual ambassadors who are members of the organization to develop sustainable development programs within local communities. Some are professionals with credentials recognized as civil service officers and others are have not yet been fully certified working as volunteers or citizen diplomats. Our ambassadors are authorized in most cases to create one on one relationships in the communities they live in, when working internationally representing the organization they are provided with letters of credence and letters patent in order to represent the organization.

How can I apply for Globcal International services?

Only members of Globcal International can designate or commission which projects they are working with, there is no way to present or propose a project development to our organization unless you are a member.

Can I sponsor a service project or a commission through Globcal International?

Yes anyone, a person, corporation or foundation can make a grant, sponsor, patronize or develop a partnership to fund or develop initiatives, missions, projects, or programs through making donations or joining through special membership programs.

How can I join Globcal International?

You or your organization can join Globcal International by designating yourself or a member to work with us as a cooperative member to become an ambassador for our organization. There are more details about our membership programs on our Membership Page.