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How do I become a goodwill ambassador?

Anyone with strong ethics and morals can become a goodwill ambassador. Goodwill ambassadors are normally designated by a city, state or national government official or the head-of-government. Goodwill ambassadors can also be designated by international, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations to promote their mission and purposes or can be used as a form of recognition for employees or those working with such organizations.

There are many types of goodwill ambassadors and they work at a variety of levels both informally and formally. The United Nations has over 400 goodwill ambassadors that represent its purposes and promote specific values using celebrities and well-known noteworthy public figures through 16 different divisions of the organization.

At the professional and international level goodwill ambassadors receive letters patent and a letter of credence from the organization or state that appoints them.

You can also become a professional goodwill ambassador by joining Globcal International and completing a training and assimilation course or through another goodwill ambassador as a consular officer or apprentice. Globcal International offers its members logistical support services and the umbrella of its organization for individuals seeking a professional credential to work internationally as civil service officers. You can read more about goodwill ambassadors on our blog Goodwill Ambassadors of the World, at our virtual Goodwill Embassy or by reviewing the Wikipedia article entitled Goodwill ambassador.