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Contact Information

You can contact Globcal International by email, using Facebook Messenger or can call ‪(859) 379-8277‬.

Globcal International Commission

International Contact Information

Globcal International is a non-state, non-profit independent multi-stakeholder cooperative and ecological enterprise made up of goodwill ambassadors and global citizens from around the world. Each ambassador provides their independent contact information.

Billing and Mailing Address

Mail that is not addressed properly may be rejected so please use all of the details noted below to ensure postal delivery, this is our current address of record.

Globcal International

c/o Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

Registered Agent: Maya-Lis A. Wright

Street Address: 302 General Smith Drive

City, State and Zip Code: Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Country: United States

*As of October 15th, 2018 our post office in Vienna, Austria was closed. We expect to have the new office open no later than June 21st, 2020. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, based on the European Union laws it was necessary for us to move the office to a neutral state, Belize was selected as the best country for our offshore purposes, meanwhile we are registered in Kentucky, United States.

Headquarters Office (Under Construction)

This location is under development and is not open to the public and cannot receive mail. Please use the address above.

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

Street Address: 2036 Big Hill Road

City, State and Zip Code: Berea, Kentucky 40403

Country: United States

Telephone: (+1) ‪(859) 379-8277‬

Secretariat's Office

Asociación Cooperativa Globcal Internacional

Street: Esquina Pepe Alemán

District: Parroquia San Juan; Municipio Libertador

City, State and Zip Code: Caracas, DC, 1021

Country: República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Teléfono: (+58) 426-111-0529

Hours of Operation

Office hours are by appointment only. Normal correspondence, communications, and legal service by mail should be directed to the registered agent. Urgent correspondence by overnight mail should be sent care of 'general delivery' must be accompanied by instructions in Spanish to notify us with an SMS alert upon delivery through FedEx or DHL at the airport in Caracas, Venezuela.

Electronic Mail

To send electronic mail please use

Contact Person

Col. David Wright founded Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation in 1994 and he is one of several of the co-founders of Globcal International, he lives in both Caracas and at Fundo Ekōbius in Amazonas depending upon the moon and the government. He serves both organizations as the executive director. He maintains his legal residence in the United States and is considered a visitor in Venezuela.