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This page was developed to explain the roles, job description, definition, protocol and variations of those who use the term "ambassador" as an honorific, former life or professional occupational title. For further information please consult additional resources towards the end of this article. For information about globalization and sustainable development goodwill ambassadors please consult our directory and table of contents. In 2020 we began work on a new foundation development dedicated to all types of ambassadors called the International Ambassador Foundation, this was superseded when we learned we would be the official designates of the legal title.

Diplomacy, Culture, Integrity, Honor and Knowledge

There are many types of ambassadors all around the world today, traditionally we know ambassadors as official envoys, messengers and sovereign representatives of kings, queens, lords, commissioners, and today presidents, prime ministers, NGOs, iNGOs, IGOs and still a few monarchs too based on our current understanding and concept. Similarly over the past 1500 years of our church influenced government, the nuncio (papal ambassador) was the envoy of the church to most of the kingdoms which once dominated the Western world through their ambassadors. This remnant religious influence has been secularized from government since the 1700's and the great revolutions and become much more complex with the existence and influences of corporate transnationalism, banks, and the creation of borderline fascist relationships intertwining government, corporations and diplomacy.

Ambassadors have been around for thousands of years, there is evidence going back to ancient Egypt, Persia, China, Rome and Greece of ambassadors negotiating peace treaties and engaging positive civil actions or politics representative of their granted authorities. There is no evidence of too many Viking ambassadors in history, or the Barbarians that rule England today, but in this day and age we find that the Scandinavians have some of the most progressive diplomatic programs, with major specialized goodwill and international cooperation programs in Norway and Denmark.

Change has been very progressive since the development of Globcal International and our social media network ambassador inspirational programs to promote the ideals of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals in the social media and further focus on assimilating the aspirations of other goodwill ambassadors that work for the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and other like minded iNGOs promoting human rights, agriculture, decolonization, and sustainability among other issues. India, Korea and new UNICEF ambassadors corps have now emerged in 2013 which makes the idea of changing the world and making a difference ever more imaginable and reachable through the social media.

H.E. Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa
H.E. Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa, Plenipotentiary Ambassador-at-Large of Nicaragua, 1980

Evolving Ideals in Public, Goodwill and Eco-Diplomacy

By today's new standards evolving through the United Nations, Transparency International, and other international non-governmental (iNGO)s and inter-governmental organizations (IGO)s have encouraged others to develop and train key people to establish formal protocol diplomatic corps to democratically represent their interests 'in and as' official authorized delegates and establish embassies. Modern common law states and provides for any culture, organized group, state, city, or even tribe to have ambassador representatives participate in global assemblies to enforce their virtues, presence, and ensure their own rights that are upheld and granted through universal international laws.

Today popular diplomacy and its methods have become an exaggeratedly diverse skill set that possesses its own continuum of strategy, motives, intentions and potential. There are over a dozen different types of practical diplomacy that can be used at a civil level today and at least a dozen more that focus on the promotion of friendships, networking, cooperation, commerce, public relief, and even tourism development, and yet a few more that promote political and economic values that engage propaganda. Our focus here and that of our ambassadors are in the areas where many of these overlap to promote sustainable human relationships.

The most common types of diplomacy culture today includes defense diplomacy, paradiplomacy, ediplomacy, green diplomacy, eco-diplomacy, freelance diplomacy, full spectrum diplomacy, preventive diplomacy, checkbook diplomacy, coercive diplomacy, commercial diplomacy, guerrilla diplomacy, gunboat diplomacy, new diplomacy, public diplomacy, stadium diplomacy, pilgrimage diplomacy, social network diplomacy, Facebook diplomacy, Twitter diplomacy, Google diplomacy, goodwill diplomacy, citizen diplomacy, bridge building, peacemaking, ping pong diplomacy, public diplomacy, shuttle diplomacy, track II diplomacy, transformational diplomacy and others can be named.

16 Social Media Ambassadors of Goodwill
Recognized Globcal International Social Media Ambassadors and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocates from 2015

Social Media Ambassadors

Being a modern and effective ambassador in the global arena is a great challenge that has been facilitated by our new abilities to communicate privately online and now publicly as ambassadors for purpose, as cause advocates, and predicators of (our own) representative values through the new emergent public diplomacy.

Globcal International was started in 2009 to oversee the development of a neutral international people's embassy dedicated to the development of a global democratic world-view based on our individual rights granted to us through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those who attend and subscribe to such the idea of an open-community embassy must be trained knowledgeable people representative to their culture and world-view but must also possess the resonance to accept change, tolerate great diversity, show respect and give honor based on equality and the ideal of peace.

Redefining the World View of Ambassadors for Positive Results

Our new world 21st century definition for ambassador must be: a peaceful well-informed, well-educated, well-mannered commissioned individual representative of a state, nation, body politic, with the special authority to act on the behalf of his/her representative constituency, monarch, president, governor, mayor, or secretariat.

Such person should be fully informed, respectful, and observant as a bona-fide representative of all standard rules of civil conduct, etiquette, diplomatic protocol per embassy and any additional expectations of the host embassy he or she is visiting or has been invited.

Aside from the understood common-use of the word 'term' ambassador there exists a social connection, affinity, culture, philosophy, idealism, rapport, and general sentiment that is common which unites and inspires all ambassadors of every type. To build on these ideals, at Globcal we have been trying to align our values with the public perception of what an ambassador is, and the positive forms of diplomacy that result in international cooperative agreements and goodwill between organizations.

Focus Away from Disciplines that Use Diplomacy as a Weapon

We are trying to reject, diminish, and treat with great caution some of the more modern radical approaches to diplomacy that have emerged recently (been exposed) that use diplomacy as a weapon to agitate populations using the social media and public relations specialists to influence populations with propaganda and the envelopment of unsustainable foreign based economic investments. The methods have been analyzed and ostracized publicly recently as aggressive, imperialist, and propaganda based campaigns developed using diplomacy dishonorably sometime coercively as a weapon with no clear responsible ambassador figure or consular agent.

The Wikileaks publicity since 2010 and more recent events in 2016 in Panama, Syria and other nations, seen on the part of some US State Department operations from embassies around the world, have in many way soured the public view and sense toward ambassadors. The last thing we want are for people to associate our proactive diplomatic techniques with unscrupulous methods of states and nations have used for developing domination over populations, resources, and other people's horizons often called imperialism.

Promoting New Transformative Diplomacies for a Global Republic of Sustainable Human Settlements

Globcal is a trend setting organization for institutional research and the development of a new world culture that is sustainable, considerate and ethical. We intentionally have separated ourselves to become autonomous to see through all the influential views that have skewed and distorted civilization to adopt negative injurious values and dependencies that prejudice the process of globalization, personal freedom, and natural equity for all people. They say you can not see the matrix if you reside within in, so our 2016 reformation and establishment intentionally places us outside the spheres of influence, control, authority, regulation, domination and of course manipulation of our group's core values.

Considering we are all highly intelligent modern people and have the history of nations, the history of culture, and can ideally study, research, apply theory, respect human rights laws and scientifically solve the majority of our problems there is no reason or excuse for the ignorance we all suffer from today. Based on what we know we can develop and apply ethics, equity, fairness, and tolerance in the name of peace and mutual cooperation as co-habitants of the planet, right?

Avoiding Conflict and Embracing Peace

We discovered and others probably have too that mankind in general must unite based on his common bond to other people in a globalized world and we must overlook our differences, especially those that have caused war and general conflict among peoples so essentially we have eliminated the introduction of the ideals, dogmas and logic of political border, nationalism, religious faith, military regulation, and corporate influence.

Technically Globcal International is focused on strictly positive relationship building and social responsibility based diplomacies, we intentionally and consciously chose to focus on ecological sustainability and our innate right to survive as a natural equal beings on the planet whom among them can live of their own sustenance and will. Its a start, and as you think about it more you can apply the ideal universally. These are the terms for the civil development of our futures.