Globcal International is engaged with Global Ecosystems and Protecting Indigenous Intellectual Property for the Prosperity of Our Planet. We see Climate Change, Ecology, and Our Civilization from a Different Perspective!

The only way to make a positive change in the world is to actually take charge of an issue, get interested and become involved directly. A person must ethically, financially and put their integrity, morality and reputation on the line. You become an activist, advocate or an ambassador of those things you believe in most in life and pursue them. Everyone does it, at heart and in mind. Secretly, quietly, mysteriously or as a flag waiver, everyone beholds their very special interests. 

What people like, support and do during the course of their lives is what builds their character, defines them as human beings and provides them an honorable reputation; it also tells what type of person they are at the end of their lives and how long their legacies will endure. Taking local actions or making your own actions count enough to have a global impact should have a lasting affect in order to be called sustainable and well-remembered as deeds and titles of both honor and wealth. Your actions should be measured, recorded and remembered in order to be recognized appropriately and is the essence of our body of work with our members.

Globcal is a CiNGO, iCSO and a DAO 

As an organization, Globcal International has evolved from an online social sharing enterprise to become a well-developed nonprofit cooperative international nongovernmental organization representative of the best practices, ethics and protocol emulated by its members that essentially promote and nurture their ethical, good, honorable, practical and sound ideas and intentions, which take form as initiatives, missions, projects and programs that advance in their development stages until they can be presented or are seaworthy enough to sail on their own journey.

Culturally Diverse Umbrella Organization

It was suggested early in our development to embrace a non-discriminatory big tent political philosophy and serve as an umbrella organization that is multiparty, multicultural, multiethnic and multi everything else so we have adopted the United Nations Model as part of the operations protocol, while remaining independent of their regulation.

Our members are public figures, social cause advocates, goodwill ambassadors, and global citizens that most often only need some expert assistance, legal and technical support only an organization and network of peers can offer them to get their concepts off the ground to make their deeds memorable. Many of our members use the organization transparently to take away what they need personally to form their own objectives using our standards and ideas while supporting the organization's principles and following our recommended or suggested protocols and methods. 

Symbolic Perspective of Planet Earth 

Globcal International began the introduction of a new logo in 2018 to better represent involvement with the blockchain, big data, land registries, cooperatives and with IoT.  It was updated again for our 12th anniversary. It displays the Earth as a cube which reflects a planar topographical map. 
Two Globcal International Ambassadors at a Forum
Ambassador Dmitri Demidenko and Ambassador Ram Kshatri attending the SDGs organizing conference and exposition at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2015.

Goodwill Ambassadors, Cause Advocates, and Civilian Diplomats

Benevolent Cooperative Fellowship of Goodwill Ambassadors, SDG Advocates, Benevolent Non-State Actors, Civil Service Officers and Global Citizens who together volunteer their resources and expertise to Fight Climate Change and Foster Civil, Environmental, and Human Rights as Philanthropists

Understand the World from a Different Perspective is our mantra, in similar form is our motto, the idea was captured metaphorically and incorporated in our logo design without political divisions, but a different equalized geographic reality of a grid pattern to demonstrate the transparency of public accountability for our global resources. 

Any English speaking university graduate can join our leaders engaged in "Sustainable Development Planning, Ecological Restoration, Forest Protection, International Cooperation and Indigenous Philanthropy with Interactive Donor and Sponsor Engagement as Goodwill Ambassadors and Global Citizens to Make an Impact". Members do not need to be US or European citizens, but they do need to make an equal lifetime membership commitment to join our cooperative. 

We also understand that our structured methods of business development with the formation of a hybrid cooperative | nongovernmental business structure that is equitably owned by the individual is the most attractive membership benefit offered by the organization, because in essence members are "self-employed" wherever they are because we are a decentralized cooperative, we are also unregulated and unincorporated; but our members do have a supervisor, administrator, a headquarters in the United States, a bank account and a legal advisor. Members understand that they are responsible for their own actions, no one can be held responsible for the activities outside the sphere of governmental authority, influence and jurisdiction

Living in a Global World of Friendly Ships

Safely Navigating in a Borderless World

Human Capital Development Fellowship Serving Non-State Actors, Non-Governmental Organizations, Goodwill Ambassadors, Public Figures, Civil Service Officers, Philanthropists, Professionals, and Independent Change-Makers to Effect Benevolence, Good Works, and Prosperity.

Globcal International has taken on a wide range of practical functions through the developmental understanding of international, private and non-state jurisdictions in an effort to help others that have had their international human or civil rights denied or manipulated unfairly or illegally, our relative foundations reflect these values. Globcal International is an advocacy voice based on the collective consensus of global citizens in an ever-changing modern society.

As an entity that is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) we are bound by and reverent to the international body of law, the United Nations treaties and maritime jurisdiction so we like our members to understand and view the organization much like a fleet of non-state private commercial ships at sea.

We specialize in sustainable development and the registration of ambassadorships, citizenships, colonelships, officerships, protectorships, partnerships, and stakeholderships.

Maritime symbol of wheel and anchor.
International Maritime Law

Founders, Members and Volunteers

The organization depends on a diverse organizational network as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a cooperative international non-governmental organization (CiNGO) with our members working around the world advocating for benevolent and positive change in society. Each member has his/her own causes and interests that are diverse with their own constituents, each member based on holding their "good standing" is an equal member with a one thousandth ownership stake

This organization is registered as an international civil society organization (iCSO) with the United Nations and was an Assumed Name Corporation subsidized under the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. until June 30, 2024. Understanding the need for integrity and transparency is the key to our successful development. Members who are linked below have sub-domain WebSites on our server, others are in the process of developing their WebSites. The list is incomplete and does not name "Program and Project" members which may or may not have a direct relationship with our organization through one of our representatives listed here.

Commissioners and Officers

David J. Wright, Luis Cruz Diaz, Djordje Marinkovic, Maria Veneke Ylikomi, Godfrey Brock-Gadd, Michael Gallagher, Nicholas A. Wright, Michael Sher, Frank Ludwig, Meena Persad, Jason Rios, Dmitri Demidenko, David A. Mandrake, Simeon Moreno, and James D. Garcia.

Associate and Lifetime Members

Benjamin Musunza, James Pennington, Maya-Lís Wright, Clay Gordon, Leonna Prather, Israel Xchel Luna, Boban Jovanovic, Dragan Milenkovic, Ram B. Khatri Kshatri, Dr. Abeer Bilbeisi, Mercy Ngozi Alu, Ibrahim S. Ahmed, Daniel Dank, Ricki Landers, Arol J. Wright, Antonino Francesco Landi, Rene Wydler, Zoran Aleksic, Shamsul Momen Palash, and Ike M. I. Khamisani.

Honorary Members

Angela Benavides Garza, Nikija Malialin, Julio Cesar González, Astrid Franchiska, Francois Franc Verlynde, Emanuel Seretan, Alma Polic, Willis Namara Kabuye, Wakeen Edmonds, José Emmanuel Ledezma, Mauricio Martinez, John D'Amanda, Alan Wilson, Ricardo Meneses Pilonieta, Somchai Hermann Quint, Andrew Williams Jr., Luiz Todeschi, Riley Currie, Aljai Singh, Tracey Le and Alex Sipple.

16 Social Media Ambassadors of Goodwill
16 of the 27 Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors of the World from our Social Media Program 2013-2018. Photo from 2015  coincident with the introduction of the SDGs and the Global Citizenship Program by the United Nations.