Actionable Feedback Policy

Globcal International News is committed to soliciting actionable feedback from the public about our blogs, social media interactions and news articles which we publish for our followers and supporters in the Creative Commons (public sphere). Recently we reconfigured our platform following the implementation of new laws and social standards that affect "entities" engaged in publishing activities directed towards social activism, therefore we have had to consolidate, reformat our content to implement structure.

Public Engagement Policy

Globcal International itself is a membership cooperative that is engaged in providing services to our members and the members reciprocate for the professional services the organization provides as an infrastructure. Understanding as much our responsibility is not to the public, however our members who are 'public figures' or 'professional experts' depend upon the organization to ensure their individual compliance with the norms of publishing their activities, events and work products for public interaction. Therefore it is important that we as the publisher oversee the relationship between the author and the reader.

As the professional neutral arbiter between the public and the author or program; we want to remind readers that Globcal International is a professional protocol and publishing service that is used to distribute information about actions, claims, commentary, educational facts, innovation, law, news content, opinion, rhetoric and satire about a wide-variety of topics under the First Amendment. Globcal International does not publish commentary about politics or religion, or discuss any human discrimination factors.

Which must be understood prior to approaching us with negative feedback about a particular article which may feel or be perceived as being offensive from one perspective, but not to the subject. All articles that are based on commentary, conjecture, are editorial in nature or opinion based are clearly marked and connected to the author. All authors email addresses are accessible along with their author profile.

We want to hear from you to get feedback on specific on any general questions you might have. The individual Editors or the Editorial Committee want to hear from you too, they help run our public engagement efforts and can direct you to the appropriate colleague if someone else can better address your input.

Our readership is the frontline witness to life here — public safety, politics, housing, social movements, schools, culture, etc. — and your insights can help shape our coverage of particular topics from particular perspectives. Please use the Feedback Form below to send us your your comments, complaints and general feedback.

For any questions you might have for our us as publishers please email, we take kudos too!

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