Fact-Checking Policy

In 2022 Globcal International authors, collaborators and editors were Verified as Fact Checkers using the short-course provided by the United Nations! Anytime we are echoing or using content of other publishers, sharing or editing the basic facts are checked in accordance with the Verified standard.

Verified™ Fact Checkers

All authors, bloggers, creators, honorary officers of Globcal International are regularly reminded to abide by three sets of standards under the idea of world or international news that is of public interest or social interest to all to promote the well-being of culture, the environment and human rights. Our editors and writers are both certified by the United Nations Verified Program as fact-checkers that have completed a 5 day course which Globcal International has endorsed.

Reporter's Lab

The Reporters’ Lab is a recommended staple component for our authors and writers, they maintain a database of global fact-checking sites. You can use a map to explore sites around the world.