Globcal International Commission

Globcal International About Commission

An International Development Commission

Globcal International is a subsidiary of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation which (in the United States) is chartered and developed as an international development commission of the non-profit charitable organization, while in rest of the world the commission is recognized as an independent international civil society organization or international non-governmental organization which may or may not be incorporated or registered in other jurisdictions where we provide cooperative services relative to sustainable development, environmental protection, and humanitarian assistance. Our parent organization Ecology Crossroads is only legally responsible for projects we develop and operate in the United States.

Our organizational structure is based on a Secretariat who is our executive officer (XO), an executive council and a board of commissioners. All of the commissioners are appointed and approved by our parent organization Ecology Crossroads and are authorized to develop, form, and head initiatives, missions, programs, and projects in their own countries under own authority.


The Secretariat serves the Commissioners as an administrator and is employed by the Executive Council to provide administrative and executive guidance to the independent commissioners, however is limited in authority by the Executive Council, the Secretariat is the only full-time employee of the organization.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the constitutional organ of the organization, it is made up of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Council advises and directs the Secretariat and will typically enact decisions through an Order in Council. Together they are in charge of nominating, selecting and appointing the Commissioners; approving initiatives, missions, programs and projects; they are charged with the duties of officiating meetings, keeping minutes, maintaining order and developing protocol. Members of the Globcal International Executive Council are also members of the Board of Trustees of the parent organization Ecology Crossroads, they are eligible to work as subcontractors for Globcal International for professional services rendered directly to Commissioners, but otherwise fulfill their positions as Executive Council members without remuneration.


Commissioners are considered international civil service officers for Globcal International. Commissioners are Globcal International members that are completely independent of the parent organization. To become a Globcal International Commissioner a member must have at least one year with the organization or equivalent experience in project development and be fully invested as a cooperative member with a 1/1000th stakeholdership in the organization as a regular lifetime, charter or founding member.

Commissioners serve as the head of their own initiatives, missions, programs and projects that are either co-administered, funded, managed or organized under Globcal International as a primary partner. Typically these programs involve the cooperation of three or more Globcal International members that may be associates, sponsors, regular members, or volunteers (collectively known as either ambassadors or global citizens) under the direction of the commissioner.

Commissioners are responsible for establishing their own accounts with the assistance of Globcal International, all procedures and policies must be clearly stated for transparency and approved by the Executive Council who are responsible for audits and fiscal control over official missions and projects once fully developed.

Currently the organization has 13 Commissioners and can have a maximum of 33 according to our constitutional rules which are subject to change or modification as the organization develops further.