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Cooperative Ownership

Globcal International is a multilevel, multipurpose, multi-stakeholder cooperative based on a maximum of 1,000 equally invested members (employees) and an unlimited number of consumers which may also be considered as members.

All stakeholders are expected to invest in order to own 1 share equal to (1/1,000th) and participate equally to create their own work or work cooperatively with other members on specific projects developed under the Commission.

The benefits of membership include tax-free exchange between members, duty-free declaration internationally, personal dividends, mutual benefits, and income sharing on universal commissioned projects. Members can qualify for commissions on the projects they are directly responsible for developing and organizing.

Umbrella Organization

Globcal International as a cooperative society serves as an umbrella organization for members to develop their projects within and satisfy legal requirements that are often difficult to obtain otherwise, not all projects or programs qualify, but they can often be altered to fit our development protocol. The organization provides these services free to members along with developmental assistance.

Cooperative engagement with Globcal International serves well for members looking to develop social enterprises and cooperatively held programs that interact directly with the community and involve multiple actors. There are many options for integration with the organization and many ways to derive an income from your development if it offers a product or a service that can be marketed to a wider audience.

Inactive and Unqualified Membership

Inactive or unqualified members are not eligible until fully trained and qualified with written program developments or engagement proposals that follow specific guidelines and standards that are commonplace and follow best practices as determined by the Executive Council. Most training objectives can be understood in three months to one year, often members never take up training, but enjoy the benefits nonetheless without pursuing training.