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Message from Ambassador Col. David J. Wright

Globcal International Offers International Legal Personality and Title Apostilles for Goodwill Ambassadors, Civil Service Officers, Advocates, Global Citizens, Public Figures, and Benign Non-State Actors

Build your future and prestige through membership and engagement with our organization in public civil service advocacy as a goodwill ambassador and benevolent non-state actor by promoting initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and international organizations.

Borderless private sector legal Jurisdiction provides our International Civil Society Organization (iCSO) of goodwill ambassadors, defenders of human rights, environmental advocates, global citizens, indigenous peoples, permanent travelers, and public figures the ability to be recognized cooperatively and civilly within our non-state citizenship similarly to that of a nation, corporation or intergovernmental organization.

Our organization is recognized by the United Nations, the Vatican, and a number of countries around the world. Globcal International and its members are pioneers of a borderless world.

"Together our union of resources to develop an offshore international foundation has empowered our cooperative membership to become proactive as legally recognized ambassadors in a number of nation-states with diplomatic credence. The relationships we form create a diplomatic arena for our organization both globally and locally, serve humanity, the environment, marginalized societies, and indigenous peoples. Our development gives us purpose as a legitimate country in a sense with borders to defend for all the right reasons!"

Ambassador Col. David J. Wright