Directory of Publications (News Blogs)

Currently this page is indexed as 'Blogs' because that is what they were when they began, however over the years with advancements in computer markup language and structured data, these Blogger blogspots have become sophisticated publishing tools for permanent and long term publishing in excess of 5 years. The new structured data abilities allow us to publish Articles instead of Blog Posts based on following some basic journalism rules normally applied at small town newspapers and other news publishers. Articles on some of our blogs are being scoped as academic articles and legal claims over intangible intellectual property which will allow blockchain verification against a semantic data set.

The display posted above is our official "Site Card" as it appears in the Schema of every Background Article which has been recovered from our archives that has evergreen value based on insights, number of visits or information presented. The Site Card will only show in the absence of other images. Use the menu here in our WebSite to quickly navigate between subdomains within the Globcal International Network.