Globcal International IDaaS

Globcal International IDaaS

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

IDaaS is an authentication infrastructure that is built, hosted and managed transparently by third-party service providers. Globcal International is one of those third-party service consumer endpoints as a long-term Google G-Suite Enterprise Client, Developer and Partner. Exclusive international personal identity services using IDaaS are provided to our cooperative membership and our international citizenship.

On January 01, 2018 Globcal International began the development of a new non-state blockchain development that is understood and fully-compliant with international law, all users of our services and network shall be considered engaged under private international law notwithstanding their nation-state through a voluntary investment in the organization as a fellow. All users of the new network are provided with an IDaaS credential to connect with their self-provided RDF attributes and other blockchain reference points.

Identity-as-a-Service is a cloud-based encrypted data and user access service that provides a set of identity and access management functions to target systems on customers' premises and/or in the cloud anywhere in the world. IDaaS functionality includes:

  • Identity Governance Administration (IGA) — Includes the ability to provision identities held by the service to particular target applications.

  • Access Authentication — Single Sign-On (SSO) for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) applications and authorization enforcement.

  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) — Logs events and provides reports that can answer questions such as who accessed what, when and where? (Controlled privately by Globcal and the User)

  • Cloud Identity Profile (CIP) — Registers a special non-state international identity for natural persons as identified global Internet network users, the cloud based identity is paired with ever-growing blockchain assets, Microdata and biometric data to create our own unique identity verification point for each user.

Identity Where You Want It!

As the Internet became more prolific it also became more vulnerable to people with criminal minds that want to usurp their living based in unfair moralities causing us to gradually create more secure computer based environments to monitor the global ecosystem (environment) to defeat crime and detect corruption. Once the system is fully evolved a truly sustainable world will become possible.

With IDaaS there is only one user with multiple devices that can be identified to the blockchain checkpoints, currently the system is dependent on passphrases and encrypted PGP keys that are registered by Google servers in nearly every country and major city on the planet, our endeavor adds the user provided personal schema metadata and microdata required to reinforce a Cloud Identity user's credentials using multiple cross-checked biometric attributes. Our block causes an identity to become unusable or accessible when viewed outside of the range presence of the (living person) individual within 1 meter of their passport, phone or private identity key (2020) which is ideal when traveling or away from your PC.