Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples, also referred to as First peoples, First nations, Aboriginal peoples, Native peoples, Indigenous natives, or Autochthonous peoples (these terms are often capitalized when referring to specific indigenous peoples as ethnic groups, nations, and the members of these groups), are culturally distinct ethnic groups whose members are directly descended from the earliest known inhabitants of a particular geographic region and, to some extent, maintain the language and culture of those original peoples.

The term Indigenous was first, in its modern context, used by Europeans, who used it to differentiate the Indigenous peoples of the Americas from the European settlers of the Americas and from the Africans who were brought to the Americas as enslaved people. The term may have first been used in this context by Sir Thomas Browne in 1646, who stated "and although in many parts thereof there be at present swarms of Negroes serving under the Spaniard, yet were they all transported from Africa, since the discovery of Columbus; and are not indigenous or proper natives of America. Other generalized non-offensive terms that we may use to refer to Indigenous Peoples of the Americas are 'Aboriginal' or 'First Nations' for Canadians, Native Americans for Indigenous Tribes of the United States, and Amerindian for the Indigenous Peoples of the rest of the Americas.

Globcal International sees and helps Indigenous Peoples to establish in 5-50-year plans to save their ancestral homelands and restore a vital eco-system balance damaged by years of land grabbing, illegal mining, and slash and burn agriculture. Learn about how Ecology Crossroads with Globcal International can help to increase their incomes and improve their quality of life by investing in cacao production and forest regeneration through carbon offset financing under the same autonomous Indigenous governments.

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