Membership Program

As a cooperative non-governmental social enterprise Globcal International offers a multi-level membership program that provides an equitable position for its cooperative members (goodwill ambassadors, civilian colonels and global citizens) that are engaged in the functional, operational and professional endeavors developing and promoting philanthropic solutions for civil society. It is a safe and secure position for long-term organizational leaders and researchers working with NGOs developing projects that take 3-7 years to create and establish.

Cooperative Membership Program

In 2022 the invested cooperative members consented to a resolution for the reformation of the membership policy and the requirements to accomplish the same result for the organization in a more structured and transparent way under our new member owned cooperative structure. Likewise due to the fact that the organization is now a cooperative subsidiary and supporting organization of a noteworthy and reputable registered nonprofit charitable organization established in 1994 with 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status and a 509(a)(1) public charity license that is located within the United States, conformation and compliance measures have redefined the legal status of our own members under the United States Code of Federal Regulations which defines membership standing through the eyes of the US Government and all the amenable laws regarding cooperative ownership as well as the by-laws afforded by our parent organization over the cooperative.

Under the redefined membership program we can now recognize members at nearly every level informally as a "sustainable development investment group" (similar to a cooperative bank) and a practical copyright publisher of our own Creative Works within the scope of active membership. Someone else describing us may call us a platform operator or cooperative platform. Aside from these two things we are an organization much like any other that has been decentralized technologically to its users (members). The new part is, the membership (cooperative beneficiary) structure we have developed targets providing rewards and positive reinforcement for active members based on their actual assignments, consent, interaction, investment, presence, participation and work product as "cooperators", which is accomplished using a technological logarithm; which leads to fewer TL;DR excuses, replacing the performance coach with email notifications.

Through the use of smartphone apps, highly secure products called Workplace by Meta and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) or Cloud Identity with Google Workspace were vetted and implemented to create the Globcal International Cloud presence which is facilitated using a new semantic data structure based in technology, that competently documents member/employee work activities, accomplishments and participation with discretion and transparency. These results are polled by the user, not the organization as actions; the user is responsible for tallying the 'number of actions' multiplied over 'time' to qualify for commissions, deeds, merits and titles.

We have membership programs for all levels to enforce the legal standing of membership because as a cooperative we believe we should only do business with our own members, member-to-member (M2M) for both legal reasons and as a matter of trust. In accordance with the by-laws all business within the cooperative remains within the cooperative. You can also become a member of one of our foundational initiatives, programs or projects through their individual membership programs, this provides some of the same benefits provided by Globcal International.

International Non-Governmental Organization (iNGO)

An international non-governmental organization (INGO) or (iNGO) is an organization which is independent of government involvement and extends the concept of a non-governmental organization (NGO) to an international scope. NGOs are independent of governments and can be seen as two types: advocacy NGOs, which aim to influence governments with a specific goal, and operational NGOs, which provide services. Common NGO mandates are environmental preservation, human rights promotions or the advancement of women. NGOs are typically not-for-profit, but receive funding from other companies or from membership fees. Many large iNGOs have components of operational projects and advocacy initiatives working together within individual countries.

The technical term "international organizations" describes intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and include groups such as the United Nations or the International Labour Organization, which are formed by treaties among sovereign states. In contrast, INGOs are defined as "any internationally operating organization which is not established by inter-governmental agreement".

Cooperative Membership Society

A cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop) is "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise". Cooperatives are democratically controlled by their members, with each member having one vote in electing the board of directors.

Cooperatives may include the following services:

  • businesses owned and managed by the people who consume their goods and/or services (a consumer cooperative)

  • businesses where producers pool their output for their common benefit (a producer cooperative)

  • organizations managed by the people who work there (a worker cooperative)

  • businesses where members pool their purchasing power (a purchasing cooperative)

  • multi-stakeholder or hybrid cooperatives that share ownership between different stakeholder groups where stakeholders might also include non-profits or investors.

  • second- and third-tier cooperatives whose members are other cooperatives

  • platform cooperatives that use a cooperatively owned and governed website, mobile app or a protocol to facilitate the sale of goods and services.

Our parent organization Ecology Crossroads is made up of a Board of Trustees, they do not have members; but they are "one" of our 60+ members, so that leaves Globcal International on its own as a mature enough infrastructure as a cooperative organization with an open license to develop independently under Ecology Crossroads' infrastructure as its professional development, operations, reputation and service organization. As a Cooperative Service Organization under 501(f) belonging to Ecology Crossroads our internal affairs are tax-exempt, there are many advantages to being part of this type of organization; but likewise activities must provide mutual benefit for the member, our organization, the beneficiary and for the parent organization.

Cooperative Service Organization (CSO)

As of October 15, 2022 it became understood that Globcal International shall operate and be considered a Cooperative Service Organization under §501(f) of the Internal Revenue Code and become responsible for all the professional and legal functions implied. It is a special classification in deed, officers working for CSOs operating on the behalf of a non-profit charity in the United States possess special executive powers over the investment of their client's funds as charitable fiduciary agents and officers of the public trust.

According to 26 USCS § 501 (Title 26, Internal Revenue Code; Subtitle A, Income Taxes; Chapter 1, Normal Taxes and surtaxes; Subchapter F. Exempt Organizations; Part I, General Rule), for purposes of this title, “if an organization is--

  1. organized and operated solely to hold, commingle, and collectively invest and reinvest (including arranging for and supervising the performance by independent contractors of investment services related thereto) in bonds, stocks and securities, the moneys contributed thereto by each of the members of such organization, and to collect income therefrom and turn over the entire amount thereof, less expenses, to such members,

  2. organized and controlled by one or more such members, and

  3. comprised solely of members that are organizations described in clause (ii) or (iv) of section 170(b)(1)(A);

then such organization shall be treated as an organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.”

The initials for Cooperative Service Organization (CSO) should not be confused with International Civil Service Officer (ICSO) or International Civil Society Organization (iCSO), particularly because all three are acknowledged as part of our infrastructure.

Full Membership (Cooperator)

Cooperative members enjoy a number of benefits which are paid for through their own contributions and dues with special collective group service privileges that are personally administered by other members or paid staff. Members that work as functional employees (officers) of programs or as commissioners must be clearly distinguishable from advisers, associates, beneficiaries, contributors, corporate sponsors, donors, investors, patrons and other persons who may be considered members.

Full membership is entitled membership, meaning members are granted a recognized honorific title under US law that they will use in their office (official duty). It is for professionals looking to emulate their career skills, enrich their horizons and pursue diplomatic relationships with corporate, foundation and political figures to solve problems being addressed or fulfill the objectives of their own nonprofit missions, or the ideas they represent. To become an entitled member, that is an employee-owner you need to actually join the organization, take our oath, sign the NDA and a great number of other things online to adjust your position, the entire process may take a month or as much a a year. To join you can be invited, given a professional grant or you can submit a formal request, complete an application and invest a minimum of 5% of your stakeholder share in the cooperative (currently that amount is $500 USD) and start paying the dues.

As of October 2022 the minimum fully privileged "active status" Globcal International membership is provided for $1,000 per year or $100 per month, only active members can vote for members of the commission, receive work assignments, organize events or create fundraisers. Fifty percent of an active member's annual donation subscription is applied to provide membership services and the other 50% is applied toward the cancellation of 10% of their cooperative stake each year based on its value at the time they initiated their membership. The annual membership cost which must be paid in advance each January, is not tax-deductible as a donation, but may be deducted in its entirety or in part for the current year if the member does not earn an equivalent amount during the course of the year from their activity in the cooperative as a member.

New and current members that pay their membership contributions on time for 18 consecutive months and remain in good-standing are entitled to hold office and may vote in the General Assembly. Globcal International members have access to pursue awards resulting in more than 25 legal titles in the United States and more than 1,000 honorary commissions worldwide. We have many members that have joined to become recognized as Goodwill Ambassadors, Kentucky Colonels, Commonwealth Ambassadors, ICSO for NGOs or to be recognized with other civilian honors from other jurisdictions.

Membership Structure

To provide easy access to our organization, any current member can invite anyone who they know well enough or based on the necessity of the services we provide to any legitimate client with capital to invest in one of our programs. Members of our initiatives, programs and projects are recognized as limited members and possess the same rights as would a chapter of our society outside the center, however they are not empowered by Globcal International, but through the subsidiary development power structure inherent of three regular members in another jurisdiction who serve as the delegates. Members can also be corporate sponsors, contributing writers, mission related investors, pro bono professionals, graduate students or individual consumers that are interested in the services that can be provided between members.

Legal Member can be any law abiding citizen from any country that is 18 years of age or older with a smartphone and access to a PC or laptop for a minimum of one hour per week and are willing to donate $1,000 USD per year to sustain the organization for a period of two years or more. A legal member may also be any member of any other class that has been invited or nominated as a member or the delegate of a member which is an organization or foundation that has made a contribution or contract negotiation in excess of $5,000 USD in a single year. A legal member may or may not be an active member, legal members include former members, inactive members and other classes of members including some volunteers and legacy members; a legal member is any member that may be required to sign our non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Lastly a legal member can be any person that has invested in a share equivalent to .001 of the equity of the organization or any member that has been engaged with the organization for 5 years or more.

Volunteer Member is an oxymoron because under normal circumstances a volunteer cannot be held responsible for their actions for tortious or libelous activity in the public sphere but the organization can, this liability factor led to the enactment of the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 in the United States and the reduction in the United States of volunteers in roles of qualified authority. As a general rule a volunteer cannot legally sign any documents nor are they qualified to be assigned an identification card. People that start as volunteers can be recognized based on their service as honorary members. To overcome this remind members, we have the cooperative body where no one can sue or be sued by another member and all disputes are handled under the by-laws of the organization. Long-term volunteers with 5 years of experience or more with Globcal International in 2023-2025 will be promoted to become employee members if they meet other participatory qualifications. Meanwhile the organization has developed a new program specifically made for volunteers, social media followers, and other cause advocates that have an interest in our activities, but do not have the funds to join as members.

Membership Benefits

Primarily Globcal International provides members with an umbrella organization where they can project their interests as branded programs and publish them in the public sector for consideration by specific or general audiences. This infrastructure is based on a combination of specific services that have been co-branded, created or administered by Globcal International which are the essential backbone of our membership program which is provided free to all legal members, all other members, sponsors and long-term volunteers are provided with a single corporate or personal cloud identity account. We offer the type of network that provides credibility now for the projects of tomorrow with minimal and basic services that are all included.

  • Cloud Identity (IDaaS) Credential

  • Globcal International Email Account

  • Workplace by Meta (Secure Platform)

  • Google Workspace (Secure Platform)

  • Hosted Subdomain Website

  • Access to over 100 Account Services

  • Access to Experienced Staff Members

Additional Services Available

  • Complete assisted biographical development portfolio online.

  • News release as a Globcal International officer for your local news media.

  • Legal name on our principle page and in statutory documents.

  • Published nomination articles for deeds to well-known titles.

  • Letters patent for presentation of your international mission (domestic or foreign).

  • Secure encrypted online homologation file for use with the blockchain.

The additional services are granted at no cost to members that have paid their subscription fees consistently for a period of 18 months. Accelerated members can meet the requirement sooner. Members can boost their assimilation rate by developing a co-managed and integrated social media presence on Facebook as a public figure with a verified business page and upon becoming recognized as lifetime member a feature story is written about the member, highlighting their accomplishments and activities, the Article is also boosted using an Ad Grant provided by Google.

Limited Membership

Limited membership is provided without cost to all to donors and sponsors. Limited membership is issued to provide inclusion and the benefits necessary to use our services and receive updates. This section will be completed in 2023.

Honorary Membership

To be completed for 2023.

Associate Membership

To be completed for 2023.

Consular Membership

To be completed for 2023.

Beneficiary Membership

Beneficiary Membership is a special type of membership that we provide to our grant target recipients, if they have persons that are suited for the roles within the Globcal International infrastructure otherwise they must provide one or more delegates to ensure that their interests are not overlooked. Beneficiary membership is made as an objective in transparency and the fees for membership are paid from the beneficiary's cooperative share, which already has been conferred through a formal program development agreement with the beneficiary group. Beneficiaries have voting rights within the organization and are considered to be legal members.

Volunteer Membership

As cited above, volunteers in general are all those persons that certainly fall within the defined scope of the United States Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 in order to be called "volunteers". The VPA aims to promote volunteerism by limiting, and in many cases completely eliminating, a volunteer's risk of tort liability when acting for nonprofit organizations or government entities. No volunteer of a nonprofit organization or governmental entity shall be liable for harm caused by an act or omission of the volunteer on behalf of the organization or entity. To genuinely qualify under the Act, the member or volunteer must be engaged without pay and is not an active member or employee. From our perspective the Act, may also apply to members that are honorary, inactive, or are otherwise not employed with the organization in any official capacity for an extended period of time, because their participation is limited or non-existent within the operational business activities.

Membership is not Volunteerism

Many people believe in an unwarranted false precept that being a "volunteer" implies that they are "a member" of a cause, event or the organization behind it simply because they were present, like or support the idea in mind, spirit or body; but in law they are not members of any of these things, however a person that was present or involved in some way may be called a participant, beneficiary, or perhaps even a volunteer if they actually helped in some way. None of these people have any influence over the operations, they do not select the commissioners and are not engaged in any decision making process.

For our organization being a member is to be an authorized employee that is actively engaged in program development and promotional activities as a public figure or background news article journalist, photographer or cause advocate; that is, an individual person who has paid a membership fee, an engaged beneficiary, someone with special talents that works with us pro-bono, a program development sponsor, a donor or a mission related investor. It is also a person that is investing to take ownership of real assets and take on the personal responsibility of being a legal member as opposed to a volunteer which in accordance with US law may not hold any legal responsibility within an organization.

The other common denominator is that all members that are beneficiaries, individuals, organizations or sponsors have all paid for services, made donations supporting a cause or have established a pact with the organization through the commercial exchange of money for professional, administrative or technical services.

Why a cooperative body?

Globcal International is a cooperative essentially because "only the members of a cooperative can legally be called its employees" without any conflict of interest or fear of accusations of self-dealing or nepotism, in the digital age we concluded that each element of a member's activities can be attributed in order to create value. The cooperative body protects members interests because they are defining programs which they potentially hold a moderate financial interest in based on the use of their own funds or funds they are personally directing into a commission or program they are engaged with. Also a cooperative is the only ownership structure that restricts the amount of declared interest in a project or asset, this prevents corruption and power struggles, which is common in the LLC and corporate share based C-Corp infrastructure. Lastly, as a cooperative and supporting organization of a larger organization Globcal International is recognized under the Internal Revenue Code §501(f) which classifies us as a Cooperative Service Organization of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation.

In the development of the following "new" membership program we wanted to offer a service where the member receives a fair return for their participation in publicly promoted membership activities and events that result in accountable gains based on the success of their ideas and concepts (input). We want to ensure members that their work product is secure in title naming them as the creator while sharing the benefits with the cooperative protagonists that supported the member's idea. Recognition and titles for deeds is important in our membership organization.

Because we are a cooperative all of the benefits are geared toward providing services to members by suggesting solutions or through development with other members. It is developed to provide the peripheral tools necessary to achieve great things with the help of others working in a confidential supervised environment with access to special resources. Being part of the organization as an invested member (cooperator) provides exclusive benefits that currently only 15 of the 70+ members hold, to overcome these differences between our invested and underinvested members, from program sponsors to our volunteers and beneficiaries we needed to develop a scaled membership program from scratch. Use the table of contents to navigate the page, each topic fully addresses any questions a member may have.

Responsibilities: We like to presume that engaged and active members spend approximately 1 hour per week using the Workplace Application, share one to three of our posts in their personal social media accounts and check for messages constantly by installing the Workplace by Meta and Google Workspace Applications. We also like to believe that all members have these platforms activated during working hours. And we like to believe that all active members have their IDaaS as their primary Google Account on their smartphone.

Membership in Globcal International is based on ownership of 1/1000th of our net assets and infrastructure under the equal collective co-ownership of those assets. In January 2022, it was estimated that the total intangible (non-liquidable) real estate and program development areas are assessed to have a value of nearly 10 million dollars (9.8). All of these assets are held or controlled by members, they are considered intangible, because they are not liquidable but that does not rule out their actual value and ongoing value in the future. Using simple math, this means that members must pay $9,800 before their cooperative share becomes equitable. Until now the only way to get into the organization was to pay the required .001 of the intangible asset value, which is subject to periodic adjustment, the last time it was updated was 5 years ago at 4.89 million, making the cost of membership a one-time payment of $4,890 USD. Liquidable, budgetary and mortgaged property or assets are not utilized in arriving at our 9.8 million dollar figure.