Globcal International Membership

Globcal International Membership

Join the Globcal International Diplomatic Corps

Represent yourself appropriately and officially as an ambassador internationally to promote your organization and personal interests to help improve the world with your ideals by joining our international non-governmental organization to become a civil service officer, international goodwill ambassador or change advocate.

You can join us as a social media advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and also become qualified to participate by attending events or going on international missions as an international civil service officer. Globcal International offers its members a wide-range of opportunities to develop their public relations skills and abilities to work with foreign service objectives through our non-governmental organization.

Two Globcal International Ambassadors at a Forum
Ambassador Dmitri Demidenko and Ambassador Ram Kshatri attending a conference and exposition at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in 2015.

A Cooperative International Non-Governmental Organization (CiNGO)

We began in 2008 as a Model United Nations objective online to emulate an interactive forum for public diplomacy using the social media. In 2009 we began to formalize our objectives when we presented our program at the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad as Globcal International. By 2013 we began to understand to become recognized in multiple jurisdictions we needed to hybridize several organization types in order to become understood and enjoy the privilege of participation as equal partners without any jurisdictional borders leading to our development of the CiNGO.

The Globcal International membership program was created to develop an integral institutional presence, to demonstrate a functional model of the cooperative business structure and to promote mutual social benefit sharing understanding the ideals of equality and fair-trade. As a cooperative our services and work product technically benefits our members and their constituents, both through our unique development and the recent reformation of our purposes benefits are extended to the general public transparently. The organization welcomes anyone who qualifies to become a member in some capacity (with similar needs that the cooperative can serve) to benefit from our emergent philosophy of social responsibility to create sustainable communities and foster peaceful societies world-wide under our formation, administration, and management.

Globcal International membership is unlike that of most societies, non-profit organizations, fraternal orders, civic associations, and international non-governmental organizations. This is because we are a cooperative (which means that our members are the owners and stakeholders). Our greatest difference from others is that we are developed as a horizontal cooperative society which provides public service, advocacy and mutual benefit projects, legally speaking we are the first "Cooperative International Non-Governmental Organization" or (CiNGO) in formation that has become understood.

Commonwealth Principles

In many ways we are essentially an independent cooperative organization that organizes and develops other cooperatives, cooperative foundations and communities that are owned and controlled democratically by people based on the commonwealth principles of communities, collectives, and cooperatives. In the cooperative structure universal equality is commonplace based on the democratic one member, one vote system that we engage.

Our organization is developed to accommodate a maximum of 1,000 equal fully qualified and invested members who host an inordinate number of initiatives, missions, projects and programs which can each also have their own independent cooperative memberships. We consider and view our organization as a tool for highly enabled leaders of civil, environmental, humanitarian, and indigenous peoples community objectives.

Understanding the Cooperative

Cooperatives are based on ownership, investment and mutual benefit. With ownership its members hold absolute rights under Admiralty Maritime and Private International Law (also known as the conflict of laws). It is the aim of all cooperatives that the funds invested by its members remain, are invested for mutual benefit and that their investments retain their value.


To be a genuine cooperative membership organization the members of the organization must belong to the organization as much as the organization belongs to them. Organizations that offer free membership are not responsible for their members actions and in essence are only considered to be honorary, volunteer or non-voting members that are acting on their own personal behalf rather than that of the organization. Cooperatives take this one step further as organizations that are owned and controlled by their members.

Globcal International and its parent organization Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation understand this well and offer different levels of membership to better accommodate participation from the public to allow informal and non-voting members to choose their level of participation and investment. Members that are not fully invested cannot represent the organization in an official capacity, receive personal benefits or do business as the organization, but they can become members. The organization as a cooperative and private foundation does not discriminate based on religion, race, gender, age, or national origin. We do restrict membership based on a person's ability to qualify to join our organization, their educational level, ethical values, and ability to present themselves professionally. Those who are fully invested receive all credentials, can call themselves employees, receive mutual benefits, and can be nominated or capacitated as our officers, commissioners, and trustees.

On Membership:

There is no such thing as free membership in a legal sense unless an actual pre-existing relationship exists between the member and the organization that is integral, considered based on work in the formation, and responsible in commerce and official representation. Globcal International offers a range of membership opportunities that are integral for its officials as well as memberships that are informal for non-voting members.
-Founders of Globcal International

Goodwill Ambassadors

Our organization is founded as a fellowship of goodwill ambassadors from around the world, which online via the social media from organizations that have all voluntarily come together to establish a professional support network for their individual works and to share their ideals publicly online. Intentionally through the cooperative alliance, our organization has formed, which performs research, develops substantial collective efforts, and promotes the careers of our peers. Dynamically our union is creating much more by extending ourselves as world-wide missionaries of goodwill and peace.

Currently our members and co-founders include change advocates, goodwill ambassadors, former employees, and volunteers from the United Nations, Red Cross, Kentucky Colonels, Amnesty International, Transparency International, and volunteers from a great number of other organizations and universities interested in promoting the ideals of universalism and international human rights to bring the world to a standard under the laws of a civil society in democratic harmony.

Become an Goodwill Ambassador

For many joining our organization the idea is to become a goodwill ambassador, advocate a cause, develop programs for charities, and actually go on goodwill missions to other countries. Globcal International fosters the development of such individuals who show promise and determination by assisting them in creating new opportunities, acquiring credentials and receive training development. Generally ambassadors that are better informed of their abilities, trained, and knowledgeable of their rights when traveling abroad are 1000% more successful.

Become a Member, Advocate, Supporter or Friend

Our cooperative involves the promotion of social charity, philanthropy, and a sustainable human cultural philosophy through extended networks in the social media that place our collective active charitable endeavors and projects in direct competition with personal leisure and consumerism because it is equally or even more satisfying.

The development of Globcal International is based on the ongoing study and conformance of multiple cooperative ideals involving western philosophies and indigenous traditional knowledge systems in order to create a single internationally accepted cooperative (corporate model) that can be operated transparently to do business anywhere in the world in order to facilitate these ideals.

Membership Classes and Categories

There are different classes of membership and different benefits available depending on your involvement with the cooperative. Cooperatives serve and are established by their members, the members can be owners, associates, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, or friends.

A Real Functional and Self-Sustaining Cooperative

Cooperators (shareholders/stakeholders) can enter the co-op by making a simple investment based on their desired participation level. Generally there can be up to six classes of membership in cooperative societies, the general membership types are known as follows: 1) Original or Regular Member; 2) Co-Member or Associate Member; 3) Nominal Member; 4) Sympathizer Member; 5) Minor or Community Member; and 6) Institutional Corporate or Non-Person Member.

For all intents and purposes from the 6 membership types cooperatively speaking there are only (2) two that actually matter, voting and non-voting. The names of the types of membership we have decided to offer are diversified below including one-time shareholder investments, monthly apportioning and annual fees which are necessary in order to operate successfully, as well as get members off to a good start (this ensures mutual benefits for every member). We deviated a bit to accommodate our special hybrid structure as a non-profit charity, a cooperative and as a decentralized autonomous non-governmental organization which defines our organization much better than many others.

Voting Members

Membership and becoming an 'Cooperator' involves working directly with the organization in an official in a recognized capacity as an advocate or ambassador that derives income for the cooperative which in turn compensates its member | owners who further invest those funds in their own non-profit projects and local charities. Members can create events through Globcal International as the organizer of such programs or projects under the umbrella of the organization. All active members are expected to work as a cooperative team member, individually in their personal familiar and/or online social networks to reach, in a collective capacity certain goals with other cooperators. Generally this involves a minimum of 210-270 hours per year online (approximately 3-6 hours each each week, or 2 hours every 2-3 days Monday-Friday).

Lifetime Active Participatory Membership

Charter and Founding Members (Lifetime Members) that have joined prior to June 2020; they do not pay cooperative maintenance fees or membership dues for the first three years.

Fees may be increased at anytime with a 30 day notice to new members based on the increased value of our cooperatively owned assets. As our project portfolio grows so does the overall asset base value of the organization as a whole. Currently a cooperative membership base share (par value) is valuated at US $4,850.

Those who join as charter or founding members receive special recognition during the charter formation and development through mentions and inclusion in press releases, treaty documents, the constitutional charter, and can be nominated for special awards (recognitions); plus based on their professional curriculum vitae and active cooperative involvement during their first year are invited to become board members, commissioners, directors or officers. Founding, charter and regular member voting privileges are all equal in the cooperative (corporate) infrastructure. See the list of membership benefits below relative to personal development.

Participatory Active/Cooperative Memberships

All active members pay dues of $15 per month, $45 quarterly or $180 per year if paid a full-year in advance. Regular and striking members cannot become board members, directors or commissioners until they have a minimum of six months service and have successfully developed a 1000 person follower base in the social media. Those who already have an active follower base need to complete a training and assimilation program to fully represent the organization as an official.

Associate Membership (Working Membership)

The Associate Membership is an alternate membership category for those living in developing, under-developed and third-world nations; this special membership category is less than 50% the cost of traditional regular membership. It is also a membership category that is designed to create responsibility on the part of new members through providing their services to the cooperative, demonstrating their credibility and establishing a long term relationship. It is open to others residing in developed nations based on approval understanding the limits of their term of service and active involvement as a cause advocate. Associate members are qualified to work with the organization like members but are not permitted to vote until they become full-members (Lifetime) after making 5 consecutive annual membership payments. This type of membership was formally promoted as a scholarship until October 2015.

Associate members demonstrate their abilities during the course of their first two years by taking on a role in the organization that can be practically utilized to build the organization, they are also required to perform work online and document their work in their own community using the resources provided to them. Associate members are also responsible for paying dues of $15 per month which includes basic cooperative services.

  • Associate Membership - Sponsored $1,500 Must be paid in advance, all at once by subject's 3rd Party Sponsor (Only available to 140 qualified UN SDGs Target Countries)

  • Associate Membership - Self-pay $429 initially including administration fee of $179 plus $250 for the first year, then pay $250 per year for five more years before being recognized as an achieved lifetime member. (Available in all countries).

Non-Voting Members

Volunteer Members (Legacy Members)

Volunteer and legacy membership is a special membership class that allows people in third world, underdeveloped, and developing nations to become part of the organization while they earn their way to becoming a full fledged member by taking on the responsibilities and roles to assist active members to earn credits, while they assimilate skills as regular members through an apprenticeship program that is mastered online through social media activity and personal appearances. These types of membership allow people interested in supporting the ideals of the cooperative without becoming a personally responsible member, to generally support the cooperative, our community efforts, new crowdfunding projects, charitable activities, special programs, become volunteer invitees, and even perform work on a seasonal basis as a cooperator, intern or as a student. All volunteer and legacy members must use the title of 'Volunteer' on their profiles in affiliation with the organization. Volunteers must be nominated and qualified by a Lifetime Member and approved by our Board of Commissioners. Volunteers are eligible to have a website and social media page if they pay monthly dues and have at least 6 months of active service working online.

Benefits of Membership

Those who support our capital campaign and initiatives will be invited and afforded the great opportunity to have active input into the formation and decisions in direction of the cooperative as well as the sense of being part of something in which they believe in and are actual shareholders therein. Members receive a wide range of services and benefits shared among members when traveling to a host country or on official business. Including letters of presentation, introduction to the government, awards nominations, news media development, and membership support from a peer-network of fellow goodwill ambassadors.

  • Complete assisted biographical development portfolio online.

  • Placement as a Globcal International ambassador in your local news media.

  • Legal name on our principle page and in statutory documents.

  • A co-managed and integrated social media presence on Facebook as a public figure with a verified business page.

  • Private email address and IDaaS for official intrastate diplomatic correspondence.

  • Closed secure network communications workplace.

  • Published nomination recommendations for deeds to well-known titles.

  • Notification to your national president or prime minister of your international representation.

  • Letters patent for presentation of your international mission (domestic or foreign).

  • Secure encrypted online homologation file for use with the blockchain.

  • Complete well developed website focused on member's five year agenda.

  • Upon becoming recognized as lifetime member a feature story is written about the member, their accomplishments and activities.

Other Membership Types

Honorary Memberships

  • Sponsoring Member - $1,000-25,000 (based on project or activity being sponsored or promoted)

Honorary members in their own name or in the name of an organization may designate a person from their staff or organization as a goodwill ambassador with full-privileges or designate recognition to their president with an honorary recognition award.

Regular Patronage Memberships (Business Members)

These members can individually join for the year to work with us in special projects that we are developing with them or align themselves or their businesses through the sponsorship of individual ambassadors working on particular projects. The cooperative appreciates them as endorsers and sponsors of the organization.

  • Sole Proprietorship - $500 per year

  • Small Business - $250 plus $10 per employee

  • Corporation (10 or more employees) - $1000 per year

  • Non-Profit Organization - $250-$2500 per year

International Supporting Memberships

Special memberships that were developed to propel our crowdfunding initiatives, the United Nations SDGs and international ecological sustainability demonstration projects.

  • Supporting Member - $500 per year (cooperative supporter's certificate, special gift, bulletins and newsletter updates)

  • Friendship Member - $50 per year (bulletins and newsletter)

Become a Member Now!

You can make donations for honorary and payments for membership or pay regular membership dues online anytime using our Donations Page, Payments Page or PayPal using the links above. If you are buying into the cooperative to invest in the organization as an employee/owner or to work in person with a related project send your payment directly using the appropriate link provided above to the Treasurer at using PayPal as our payment processor, you are not required to have a PayPal account to use the links, all of them include the option of using a credit card.

If you wish to make a "tax-deductible" contribution, gift, personal donation or are sending an open sponsorship of US $250 or more please use our Donation Page or send your check or money order directly to the our parent organization, who will direct the fund to the Globcal International Foundation. Make your check payable to 'Ecology Crossroads' using the regular postal mail service to the following address (please allow 15-30 days for processing when using postal mail):

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

c/o Nicholas Wright, Treasurer

302 General Smith Drive

Richmond, Kentucky 40475 USA