Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

The term Nature-based Solutions, (NbS) or (NBS), refers to the sustainable management and use of natural features and processes to tackle socio-environmental challenges. These challenges include issues such as climate change, water security, water pollution, food security, human health, biodiversity loss, and disaster risk management. Nature-based solutions are the preferred method for carbon credit finance development in cases where the funding can be traced directly to the beneficiary and the ecosystem services can be provided transparently.

Ecosystem services are valued in terms of immediate benefits to human well-being and economy, NBS focus on the benefits to people and the environment itself, to allow for sustainable solutions that are able to respond to environmental change and hazards in the long-term. NBS go beyond traditional biodiversity conservation and management principles by "re-focusing" the debate on humans and specifically integrating societal factors such as human well-being and poverty reduction, socio-economic development, and governance principles.

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