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Globcal International News 2020

Globcal International News 2020

Relevant News Information for 2020

"We are here because people as human beings have individual and equal rights to pursue peace and freedom through their self-created or endowed autonomy, diversity, individualism, liberty, and genuine independence notwithstanding the nation-state to make the world a better place. Everyone through the 'Grace of God' has inalienable rights to pursue these freedoms. The only way to prove this is to begin with the natural state of humanity and guarantee these rights to native peoples."

-Col. David J. Wright, Co-Founder of Globcal International

Time for Change

From 2013-2019 we converted the organization into a strict invested stakeholder (membership) cooperative with the objective of establishing a well-developed independent institution that is neutral relative to nation-state politics, fundamental religious beliefs, and free of government influence or oversight. The organization is dedicated to providing human capital development, collective economic privileges, single user enterprise access and other mutual benefit to its invested membership.

Over this period we have detached ourselves from the government of the United States closing our LLC registration in Washington, DC because of the international perception of their imperialism and the rule of authoritarianism; this does not infer negativity nor condemn the United States from our interest, it just makes it difficult to operate from United States while being concerned with globalization and it makes it hard to become engaged with humanitarian causes that are contrary to the official policy of the state. Becoming an offshore international foundation released us from the jurisdiction of nation-states so we can operate like a fleet of ships at sea.

By coincidence and necessity we are legally incorporated in Kentucky in the United States to maintain a legal standing and for economic purposes.

International Standing

Our international authority was developed through the creation of a group of three special 'offshore' international foundations under the jurisdictions of Belize, Colombia, and Panama (benevolent trusteeships) to create and establish our international legal personality as a cooperative international non-governmental organization (CiNGO), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a benign non-state actor (BNSA).

Good Offices in Europe

For convenience we set-up a post office (good offices) provided in courtesy by Ambassador Zoran Aleksic, Chief of Operations under the direction of our European Chancellor Djordje Marinkovic at Strohmayergasse 3 in Mariahilf, Vienna, postal code A-1060. The good offices provides our members around the world the ability to communicate directly via messenger with most countries directly through state ambassadors with mission posts in Vienna, Austria. Our private office in Vienna is open by special appointment only.

The address for our organization's own postal purposes is ideal for satisfying the legal requirements for other decentralized entities that operate primarily online or between a group of people that are engaged in a legal unregulated non-governmental and non-state relationship under their own jurisdiction.

Diplomatic Privilege and Privacy

In 2018 we are completing the formalization of our diplomatic state as a cooperative development 'flagship' (umbrella organization and sharing community) for non-state actors, international non-government civil officers, indigenous peoples, unrepresented nations and independent non-governmental organizations called the Non-State Network, which replaces our base prototype project formerly called Global|Local International Non-State Ecosystem (codename GLiNSE) under the same concept while bringing new meaning to internationalization and the realm of non-state.

An International Non-State Cooperative

As a cooperative our blockchain by nature offers the open development of M2M (member to member) and M2C (member to cooperative) relationships that are qualified using the basic smart contract. Under international as well as most nation's administrative statutes member to member and member to cooperative (friendly) trading relationships are totally exempt from fiscalization, taxation, customs and duty. Technically it is a waste of their time to inspect, doubt or question legal private sector relationships or status.

The Non-State Network, our 2021 Blockchain Base Project is owned and developed under our own formation for all those legal persons and individuals engaged that understand their rights as 'living-persons' under international civil law, common law, ecclesiastic law, maritime law, by and through the value of their deeds as free-willed equals, under the conflict of laws (private international law) that supersede the laws of nations notwithstanding the administrative (authoritarian) state.

The Non-State Network is for people who inevitably trust one-another implicitly as members of an organization capable of providing them legal protection, citizen services, and soft power through their affiliation or relationship with the Globcal International organization.

The Non-State Network is being developed to assist others to create and establish legal agreements (normally controlled by the laws of the state) notwithstanding the nation-state within the non-state ecosystem (international arena) that exists between two or more parties that are located in different places. It is as if your business were conducted on-board a ship with a fellow shipmate or in a private bedroom with another type of mate.

Non-State International Business is Your Own

Most business developed under terms of friendship, fellowship, partnership and other types of relationships between individuals are not the privileged business of governments or the state (especially when transacted internationally) unless you (for some reason) need them to oversee your business, protect you, your interests or if you have a need for your business to be under their government control.

For us this is especially true in practice; most fortunately even in national standard model administrative code regarding cooperatives which allows for exempt business relations and transactions between the membership which is based on their ownership; Globcal International has positioned itself to exploit these principles for particular groups of individuals by combining the blockchain, global, local and international with the ideal of the unregulated international model non-state foundation formed as an offshore trust with benevolent purposes.

The Non-State Network depends on an arbitration network, public advocates and an ombudsmanship to resolve conflicts that may arise, otherwise all of our blockchain developments are based on qualified non-state smart contracts and legal suppletory documentation (underwriting) relative to personal, private and collective understanding over asset control, disposition and ownership.

Participants are equal owners as fully-apportioned cooperative members of Globcal International or investors in any one of the organization's foundations or sponsorships.