Globcal International Official

Globcal International Official

Official Location

While we may give the impression we had a robust operation and presence in Vienna, Austria, the fact of the matter is that it was mostly symbolic, most of the organization's interests and work is completely decentralized and developed online from other countries, our services and activities are located in areas in undeveloped and underdeveloped areas of Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and in South America.

For most practical business purposes we now have two official addresses one in the United States and another in the Caribbean country of Belize.

Richmond, Kentucky – United States

The basis of our legal standing and a great majority of our support from membership is made up of persons who belong to the cooperative which reside within the United States, we solicit in-kind donations of surplus goods from business and governments in the USA, and the organizing instrument by which the organization is permitted to exist as a unincorporated non-state actor, international cooperative and decentralized autonomous organization is based on Articles of Incorporation filed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1994 by Ecology Crossroads.

Globcal International in the United States holds limited legal jurisdiction and responsibility because all of its activities are conducted and operated overseas, its web server is mirrored on the Internet from the US for convenience and is a non-taxable cooperative member patrimony function that is attended to and managed under Ambassador Col. Nicholas Wright as the Treasurer. The organization is registered as an assumed name corporation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky which is a cooperative business enterprise parented by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. to where legal service is customarily provided relative to affairs between US citizens and the organization.

To write or contact our offices please see the Contact Page.

Person in green shirt.
Col. Nicholas Wright, Treasurer of Ecology Crossroads, Richmond, Kentucky - Double Masters Graduate pictured here in North Carolina, Greensboro, Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

Belize – Caribbean Community Offshore

To fulfill our organization's mission and purposes we established ourselves in 2014 with a legal personality as an international foundation registered to operate from the offshore jurisdiction of Belize to enjoy the liberal benefits of international banking and worldwide corporate presence.

Former Offices and Locations

Originally our organization was co-located in Wilmington, Delaware and Caracas, Venezuela. Subsequently in 2010 we were incorporated in Washington, DC with a functional office based on a grant which when exhausted was abandoned, then recovered by the organization's principle before our re-establishment and an unincorporated reformation in 2013. Because of political problems and fear of corruption the organization also ceased legal operation in Venezuela in 2014.

Good Offices – Vienna, Austria

Our 'home office' as they would say in English was located in Vienna, Austria, as a matter of strategy until 2018, they are more appropriately referred to as our 'good offices' in diplomatic terminology. However in reality our offices are decentralized and exist wherever our ambassadors and citizens are at any given moment using our ICT platform while communicating with one and other or with our experts, most of our ambassadors can competently attend nearly any diplomatic situation or crisis.

Technically our offices were in Austria for legal purposes and served as an automated international dispatch for the organization's missions to diplomatic posts around the world, we refer to it as our embassy and post office. Currently we have no public office in Vienna, dispatches were regulated, and non-state citizenship services were provided only to our membership on Tuesdays and Thursdays by personal appointment with Ambassador Zoran Aleksic.

Two people looking at a computer monitor seated behind a desk.
Ambassadors Djordje Marinkovic and Zoran Aleksic in Vienna, Austria from 2016-2018