Payments to Globcal International

Globcal International Payments

Globcal International Payments

Making a Payment to Globcal International

Globcal International provides a wide-range of specialized services for a great number of programs it administers through its honorary and professional ambassadors who are recognized around the world as international civil service officers (ICSOs).

General Information

Our organization provides our users with administrative Internet services, IDaaS credentials, G-Suite, websites, social media verification, and an operational platform which is based online using blockchain technology and cloud based Internet access to assist them in accomplishing their goals while working on missions, projects and programs that are developed to support the goals of the United Nations and other international non-governmental organizations.

We accept, administer and distribute grants, investments and sponsorships for a wide-range of programs and development initiatives safely, transparently and securely online directly from third-parties and associates in order to fulfill our objectives.

Types of Payments

This page has been developed to accept all types of payments to the organization that are not classified as donations. All payments and donations are directed by our Treasury Officer securely to meet the objectives of the organization and the programs we administer.

Currently our organization is involved in many different objectives because each of our goodwill ambassadors are responsible for different programs which they cooperate through our organization or on its behalf as our representatives.

Using PayPal (with or without an account) you can now make payments directly to the organization and all of our programs through Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. (ECCF) which is Globcal International's legal business trade name in the United States.

Currently ECCF administers all accounts and funds that are directed and managed by Globcal International. Any funding or support given directly to programs outside of this page or our donation page on this website that we administrate is not accountable and therefore may not be claimed or accounted for through our general administration. This includes but is not limited to individuals with direct relationships our Ambassadors or those visiting our missions bringing gifts or providing support directly.

Programs Supported

Below you can find a list (subject to change) of the developments we currently administrate. We also provide decentralized membership services and web hosting for our members who work in different locations around the world. Each link on this page has its own specific purpose, not more than 13% or less is retained for administration and operations for any of the programs listed. If you are attempting to send a payment for an initiative, mission, project or program not listed below or if you need another option for sending your payment, you are welcome to write to us and we will respond within three business days.

Membership Payments

Monthly Dues - Pay (One Month $15) | (Quarterly $45) | (Annually $180)

Monthly Dues Subscription Billing (S Payment of $15 Monthly)

Associate Membership - Self-pay $429 initially including administration fee of $179 plus $250 for the first year, then pay $250 per year for five more years before being recognized as an achieved lifetime member.

Associate Membership - Sponsored $1,500 includes all fees and assimilation, only available to members living in UN SDGs target countries, payments must be made by a 3rd party sponsor.

1 Year Annual Associate Membership $250 USD (Does not include monthly dues)

Regular Membership - $3,750 (Paid once, first year's dues are waived.)

Charter Membership - $5,000 (Includes 3 years dues & officership)

Founder Membership - $10,000 (Includes 5 years dues & trusteeship)