Programs for Civil Society

Globcal International Programs

Globcal International Programs

This is one of several pages that are in ongoing disambiguation and being updated based on a stage of development. Initiatives, Missions, Programs and Projects as they are all similar to one another at their various stages. This page represents a listing of our current programs.

Programs and Activities

Globcal International is managing to maintain all of its successful programs as well as streamline our agenda after nearly 18 months of limited activity in order to realign our infrastructure under legal parameters as a benign non-state actor operating at liberty of nation-state jurisdiction under only the constraints of applicable international law; and of-course blockchain our development to make it more integral, transparent and accountable.

Cooperative Foundations

Indigenous man on stage in front of hundreds of others casting a spell.
Liborio Guarulla, founder of the Indigenous State of the Amazon casting a shamanic spell over the national government of Venezuela and give rise to an autonomous indigenous state for and by the indigenous population.