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Donations enable us to establish and oversee different initiatives, programs and projects that make a difference.

Globcal International Donations

Globcal International Donate

Making a Donation to Globcal International

Make a contribution, donate your time, become a volunteer, donate In-kind, participate in a goodwill mission or collaborate your social responsibility as a global citizen, civilian officer, sustainability advocate or representative of the rights of others using the social media.

Transparently Donate to Multiple Projects

Our verified (charity) PayPal account accepts credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment (even if you do not have a PayPal account) for a number of projects that are either ongoing or under development through Globcal International's goodwill ambassadors, diplomatic corps, or its non-state volunteers in different parts of the world.

Contributions and donations to international sustainable development and world issues awareness projects listed here may be tax-deductible through Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. located in Kentucky, if you live in the United States. When making your donation you may select a number of initiatives and projects sponsored by Ecology Crossroads, generally international projects cannot be deducted as tax-exempt, but may still be deductible in part or in their entirety based on their scope involving climate change, check with your tax professional. All donations made through Ecology Crossroads are administered without cost to the donor, program recipient or beneficiary event, foundation, fund or program through Globcal International.

All contributions are promptly acknowledged by email within seven to ten days by the program administrator or a member of the executive council to assure the donor that the program they are donating to has received its contribution.

All Tax-Deductible Programs are Not Donations

Some of our projects qualify for tax-deductible status under cap and trade or carbon tax legislation in some countries and states that allow for high-quality international climate change reduction investments and the voluntary participation or sponsorship of verifiable carbon offsets directly with the resource providers. Generally these funds are not considered donations if made for investment purposes or for offsetting your carbon footprint, please see our Payments Page.