Globcal International Introduction

Globcal International Introduction

Introduction to Globcal International

Globcal International made it's almost accidental start as the result of the formation of a Model United Nations initiative developed to operate online and the creation of a social networking best practices policy group while presenting our ideals for e-government and diplomacy promoting globalization at the Summit of the Americas in 2009. Since then we (all of our members) have been mostly active in network development and progressive research while working as goodwill ambassadors promoting ideals and causes from over 32 countries. We registered our organization once as an unincorporated civil association, then later as a limited liability corporation in Washington, DC, and then finally had our company administratively dissolved in 2012 to take steps to reform as a de-facto international non-governmental organization (iNGO) which we technically became in 2016.

In 2013 we began our reformation by identifying a new founding committee to charter our reformation in such a manner to become benign non-state actors (BNSA)s that are not bound by nation-state jurisdiction much like a ship at sea. The subsequent three years of our formation process were dedicated to identifying international laws and regulations to more clearly define our organization and its power as a vessel to help others.

Finally in 2017 we manifested our efforts as a recognized international civil society organization (iCSO) with the United Nations to demonstrate and our programs, partnerships, projects, and our goodwill efforts through up to 1000 ambassadors and advocates of causes and organizations around the world. Our fellowship is developed to function through individuals acting in their capacity as national citizens, travelers or tourists promoting goodwill and the ideals of global citizenship through our union.

As a truly international non-governmental organization (iNGO) we are also inadvertently a benign non-state actor (BNSA); much like a religious institution, political organization, intergovernmental authority or a nation we engage ourselves in the making of lateral and bilateral treaties, initiate direct private negotiations, deliver letters patent, provision presents, and offering goodwill support programs to international organizations and independent sustainable human settlements under the understood authority of the nation-states that we approach. During the course of 2017 and 2018 our fellowship and commissioners took further steps to develop international foundations, commission our charters, and gain international authority as a notable actor in the international theater through model sustainability development programs working with indigenous peoples and rural residents of the planet's last natural areas.

To learn more about our history, work and formation since we began please consult Wikipedia, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Business, LinkedIn, XING AG, and other Internet based reference information using the Google or Bing search engines. You can also engage with us or follow our news feeds using the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others.

Manifesting our Idealist Society

Our formation was a spontaneous one based on finding a great number of people interested in learning and discovering the world of borderless Internet communications technology that coincidentally brought together with the motivation to join together to transcend borders and associate with one another based on their similar interests. Today we basically live in a digital cloud, a blockchain based nation, a live network of connected experts, decentralized autonomous organization, existing within the hands of a cooperative fellowship across 32 countries (growing). Because our members are scattered living in a great number of nations some of which are discriminated upon we decided to alienate ourselves from religious, political and governmental institutions that possess discriminatory policy by nature or in law.

To form our society outside the jurisdiction of the nation-state we decided to form as a membership cooperative that is based in an offshore international foundation under American domiciled sponsorship. To legalize our development we opted to develop a register for the building of a citizenship of self-determined. liberal and unfettered freemen. Our social development involves the cooperative ownership of properties, real estate and embassies involving up to 1000 natural persons equally invested in stakeholder participatory assets in other countries and a great number of volunteers who are global or international citizens. Each person who becomes a member gains legal jurisdiction over our collective treaty based and wholly owned assets by the cooperative.

Indigenous People First

To bring home the ideal of creating a sovereign nation that is autonomous and based in reality we have to consider first the indigenous people of the world who are by divine right sovereign, possess all their human rights, are self-governed and still possess a legal right to self-determination.

International Volunteer Work

Volunteerism is one of the best ways to see the world and gain essential work experience that can lead to an amazing career. Our objective in working with volunteers is to empower them as special visitors while abroad and provide them with guidance and assistance to help carry on international missions around the world with our international ambassadors and program developers who are our stakeholders.

Globcal International works with several different volunteer and work exchange platforms to offer different programs around the world developed especially for groups through our international diplomatic team. Through our well-connected ambassadors we can create and develop dream opportunities and taylormade adventures for volunteer groups that have the resources and time.

International volunteers will be expected to be high school graduates and have a valid passport. They need to complete a rigid application process, register for non-state global citizenship, and pay an administrative fee of $100 US dollars to our offshore foundation development. Then it will be our job to match them with an opportunity that is appropriate. All projects must be created and authorized as compatible with the accomplishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn More about Globcal International

Learn more about our organization and how we can help you accelerate your career as a goodwill ambassador or as a public advocate of international causes. If you are an extrovert, intrepid, like to travel, embrace international ideals, are self-confident and possess a high-level of self-esteem then you can be highly successful. Over eighty percent of all of our members have experienced enhanced possibilities and new opportunities as goodwill ambassadors. No matter whether you are looking for a career change, a boost or something that can enhance your professional career, Globcal International may be the answer you have been looking for. Join us now!