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Globcal International Logo

Globcal International Official Logo

New Logo Image in 2021

In 2021 after making major revisions to our operational objective standards in our reformation as an international authority we made detailed improvements to our earth cubed image representative of the blockchain and our systematic approaches to sustainable international cooperative development. The improvements are seen accross the board in our development initiatives and objectives using this new icon.

The image is a base64 encoded portable network graphic representative of artwork that was detailed by illustrator William Trabacilo of Venezuela.

Globcal International Brand Name & Logo

Our original name/brand logo has been represented by a simple image of the planet earth with our name 'Globcal' with the letters "b and c" shifted relative to our 'business club' formation and to create emphasis in the neologism meaning of the organization's name combining reference to that which is 'global' is relatively 'local.'

Word-Mark and Legal Trademark

Global|Local became a fused neologism/portmanteau word (name) logo in 2008 after a thorough international trade name search.

Our ideal explanation of our purposeful selection of the 'word name' (neologism) as a trademark for an ad hoc diplomatic state was to bring awareness to deliver the message of being ecologically (economically) responsible local integration of appropriate technology, local governance, and social relations resulting in an environmentally sustainable and peaceful planet globally.

The name and a logo graphic (of planet earth) were 'originally' registered legally in Washington when the organization was incorporated in the District of Columbia as an LLC by Mohamed from 2010-2012, since then such registrations were abandoned and the LLC cancelled in favor of operating internationally with the registration of Globcal International as an independent international civil society organization (iCSO) and a benign non-state actor listed with the United Nations.

Protected by WIPO and Common Law

The adoption of the WIPO guideline for "first-use" of our name on the Internet and in the news media as a recognized trademark that belongs to our organization 'as a legal name' remains and is in force in all countries that are members of the Hague Convention and those who respect the rule of law. As of January 2010 Globcal International had been recognized legally in over 30 countries by ambassadors and heads of state as a 'public diplomacy consultancy for celebrities and public figures' in the use of the social media; Globcal International has always been viewed as a cooperative ally and confidential consultant to heads of government and state.

A 2nd generation icon (logo) developed in 2013 when Globcal International entered its reformation stage to develop a blockchain integrity credential for goodwill ambassadors. This logo was featured in a Wikipedia article about us.

Later we moshed together the the e³ ID project with the (UNGWA) United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors' logo (above).

New Logo and Image for 2018

In 2018 we are introducing a new logo based in Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) it will be presented in a dynamic three dimensional image based on a GPS rendered map in real-time.

Meanwhile we have developed and officially adopted on May 17th 2018, the following original dual perspective design by CrasPunk of Caracas, Venezuela, first published on March 21st. The final logo is being integrated and presented in blockchain to further symbolize our Non-State Network formation and an active mapping application in early 2019. This representative logo will be embellished and developed as a digital engraving for certificates and treasury bonds.

Winning 2018 Logo Design by CrasPunk of Caracas, Venezuela.

Social Media Use

We started 'tweeting' as Globcal in 2008! In the social media you can easily find the organization by searching "Globcal International" in quotations or often by just searching the hashtag (#) #globcal, the Instagram, Facebook messenger or Twitter handles use (@) and the lowercase word @globcal. You can also find 'globcal' in use as the username or account name of a great many user accounts we maintain.

By 2015 Globcal had made over 30,000 tweets before resetting its network and integrating with other social media sources for a startup venture being developed for October of 2018.

Our typical banner and hCard preview presentation was with social network icons added in the free publication media provisionally from 2013-2018.