Globcal International

International Legal Personality for NGO Diplomats, Global Citizens & Non-State Actors

Borderless Blockchain Private Sector Legal Jurisdiction provides our International Civil Society Organization (iCSO) of goodwill ambassadors, human rights advocates, expatriates, indigenous peoples, permanent travelers and public figures to be recognized cooperatively and civilly within our non-state citizenship.

"Together our union of resources to develop an offshore international foundation has empowered our cooperative membership to become proactive as an international protectorate of the last remaining native indigenous peoples and the ecosystem services they provide us all as the guardians of these forests. The relationship serves us well because it gives us a country to defend for all the right reasons!" ‚ÄďAmbassador Col. David J. Wright

A Global | Local International Non-State Network

The Globcal International WebSite(s) are under a new development phase to comply with the privacy and security standards set forth by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and our friends at World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) by implementing HTTPS, SAML 2.0, and SSO for its users. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are also behind this development with Open Graph and to create secure social networking environments involving semantic real-time secure networks connected to the 5G Grid and Internet of Things (IoT).

Everyone will eventually adopt the higher security protocols involving the verification of identity as an Internet user.

Our goals in 2018 involve the critical implementation of the blockchain, the development of cryptocurrency based in natural capital assets in the most-important endangered ecosystems, registration of all users with SSO (IDaaS) credentials, and the practical introduction of a Laissez-Passer e-passport for the private sector which supports the natural capital formation and an ecosystem services provisioning program. The organization is presented as a non-state civil society flagship for international civil service officers, ambassadors of international non-governmental organizations, non-state diplomats and global citizens*.

Other info: Our logo shall be updated coincident with our cooperative investment ICO by our members. (ICO coming soon)

WebSite Public Notice

This website is under new development to make it more secure, reliable, integral, transparent and global in scope. We are working with the blockchain, big data, the semantic web, microformats, cryptocurrency, digital privacy, land registries, natural capital assets, civil and human rights.

Our overall model progress has been steady and consistent in producing error free data using human verified blockchain registries for land, biodiversity surveys, tree plantations, natural persons, mineral resources, agricultural production, and regional tourism for the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating the natural world with the semantic blockchain to create the new ecological landscape is well underway for introduction during 2018.

Our startup enterprise involving the non-state international theater is scheduled to begin during the first trimester of 2018 and will be operated as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) collecting manifested blockchain resource developments using international smart contracts. An advance opportunity bulletin will be published on this network.

General Information

The Globcal International reference website will remain located at the root of our Non-State Network using [] without the preceding [www], it is Open-Source, contains hundreds of PDF files and provides access to reference materials. Sometime during the first half of 2018 the entire site will be upgraded to HTTPS. A screenshot of the current website is illustrated to the right, to visit the site click the screenshot.

While these assets are upgraded to comply with international requirements, better security and best practices; the organization is expanding its development using G-Suite, Google Cloud, WordPress, GitHub, Alibaba, and HootSuite within the new development and make best use of web technologies. So users should expect many new innovations, project developments and spin-off programs introduced in our growing network.

Non-State Network Users

Authorized network users will receive lifetime credential Cloud Identity accounts provided by Globcal International through Google (see IDaaS). Network users include all ambassadors, general members and non-state citizens.

Safely Navigating in a Borderless World

Human Capital Development Fellowship Serving Non-State Actors, Non-Governmental Organizations, Goodwill Ambassadors, Public Figures, Civil Service Officers, Philanthropists, Professionals, and Independent Change-makers to Effect Benevolence, Good Works and Prosperity.

Globcal International has taken on a wide range of practical functions through the exploitation and understanding of international, private and non-state jurisdictions in an effort to help others that have had their international human or civil rights denied or manipulated unfairly or illegally, our relative foundations reflect these values. Globcal International is an advocacy voice based on the consensus of global citizens in an ever-changing modern society.

As an entity that is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) we are bound by and reverent to the international body of law, the United Nations treaties and maritime jurisdiction so we like our members to understand and view the organization much like a fleet of non-state private commercial ships at sea.

Programs and Activities

Globcal International is managing to maintain all of its successful programs as well as streamline our agenda after nearly 18 months of limited activity in order to realign our infrastructure under legal parameters as a benign non-State actor operating at liberty of nation-state jurisdiction under only the constraints of applicable international law; and of-course blockchain our development to make it more integral, transparent and accountable.

Foundations (Registered with Globcal International)

  • Goodwill Ambassador Foundation
  • Belize International Foundation
  • Indigenous Unity Foundation
  • Piaroa International Foundation
  • Independent Indigenous State of the Amazon
  • Ekobius International (Fundo Ekobius)

Liborio Guarulla, founder of the Indigenous State of the Amazon casting a shamanic spell over the national government of Venezuela and give rise to an autonomous indigenous state for and by the indigenous population.